TWIN FLAMES SHIPIBO artist Inin Soi psychedelics vision from plant medicine Ayahuasca Glice Canvas print reproduction


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(Shipibo name meaning soft and strong tree )
A Shipibo Konibo artist originally from Roya, Ucayally in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.
David Ramirez ININ SOI is a self taught artist and his work was initiated very early in life while helping his grandmother Rusi Rusi who happened to be a Shamanic healer curandera whom taught ININ SOI the art of pottery and painting and the connection with spirit plants.
ININ SOI visionary art is inspired by elements found in nature and in the SHIPIBO cosmovision, his ideas mostly come from visions he gets while taking the master plant medicine AYAHUASCA.
ININ SOI now lives in Cantagallo, a community formed by Shipibo families who immigrated to Lima Peru, He and his family would like to go back to their homeland in the Peruvian Amazon where he plans to continue his Shamanic healing practices and develop the art of painting further, for that he would like to build a Maloca (an ancestral large house used by the natives of the Amazon) where he can also exhibit his art.
With the purchase of this painting you now have the opportunity to help David and his family to achieve this selfless purpose.
100 % of the profits will go towards helping ININ SOI to build a Maloca.

About the painting:

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