SHIPIBO SHAMAN NECKLACE for spiritual protection and good fortune


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These necklaces were made by Shipibo artisans of the community of San Francisco de Yarina, this is a powerful amulet, very popular among the traditional healers of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest,
It was made using a section of the Master spirit plant vine of the soul Mama AYA and seeds found in the natural rainforest.

Style 1 27 cm/2.75 in pendant 5 cm/2 in

Style 2 31 cm/12.2 in
Pendant 6 cm/ 2.4 in

Style 3. 31 cm/12.2 in
Pendant 5 cm/ 2 in

Style 4. 32 cm/12.5 in
Pendant 9 cm/ 3.6 in

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